A snapshot of Jacob’s Walk of Life 2011

A big step forward for better health, the fun, wholesome way! Check out photos and videos of Malaysians taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Don’t miss out exclusive interviews with Fara, Jack and Mei Yan, too!

Jacob’s Walk of Life 2011, Pledge to Health

Check out the event press release!

Strong Support for 1Malaysia Sihat

More than 8000 turned up for Jacob’s Walk of Life 2010, supporting a healthier 1Malaysia.

An Overview of Jacob’s Walk of Life 2010

Here’s the press release of the event.

Jacob’s Walk of Life 2010, Media Forum

The media team came down to have a chat with us about JWOL 2010. We talked about the importance of a healthy Malaysia and how we can all make it happen.

1 Malaysia Sihat with Jacob’s Walk of Life 2010

In gearing up for JWOL 2010, we issued a press release to invite everyone to join us for this fun, wholesome event.
Read the full release here.